The charity supporting Agape House
and hospice care in Bermuda

Memorial Moon Walk

The 3rd Annual Friends of Hospice Memorial Moon Walk took place on Monday, January 21st at 6 pm, and was a spectacular sight with a rare ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ occurring in the early hours of that morning. The walk is an opportunity for those who have lost loved ones to come together in a spectacular setting and remember them. The ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ was a rare occurance combining a supermoon – where the moon appears bigger and brighter than usual – and a blood moon – a total lunar eclipse which causes the moon to appear red.  The ‘wolf moon’ is the name given to the full moon every January, and originates in Native American culture. The eclipse occurred in the early hours of Monday, January 21st. Each year, the walk begins from Chaplin Bay, Warwick and continues west, along the dunes to Horseshoe Bay and back to Chaplin Bay.